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Dr. Dmitry Malayev and his team have dedicated themselves to providing a high level of dental care with patient safety and comfort in mind. We are proud to offer a hypoallergenic environment only using state of the art equipment and Metal-Free and Latex-Free materials.

Porcelain Ceramics with Rubber Dam Dentistry have allowed Dr. Malayev to provide a safe and successful environment for dentistry to last for years. A Rubber Dam is a non-latex rubber material placed over the patient’s tooth, which isolates the tooth away from the rest of the oral cavity, proven to increase success rate of dentistry while keeping patients throat safe and away from any harmful or hazardous dental materials. We also strive to provide the best material and provide a BPA Free Composite material.

Dr. Malayev and his team are specifically trained to care for the anxious patient. We work together and engage our patients to achieve their best smile. Dr. Malayev is committed to providing personalized care and is available to his patient’s after hours and on weekends for any questions or emergencies.

Dr. Malayev is constantly continuing his education and learning new techniques. He organizes and attends monthly continuing education lectures among many other courses to incorporate new techniques into his practice.

Our philosophy is to maintain and encourage good oral health to prevent further complications down the road. Each patient is consulted on proper oral hygiene and their goals of care. Dr. Malayev is committed to improving each patient’s smile and works together with his patient to achieve this.

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